Current Projects


The dAIEDGE project is ‘A network of excellence for distributed, trustworthy, efficient and scalable AI at the Edge’. The network has a project volume of €14.4 million, of which €10.7 million is funded by the European Union, across 36 partners. gicLAB is actively working on contributions related to software and hardware components of this project.

Multimodal AI-based Security at the Edge (MAISE)

The MAISE project investigates the resilience of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models on IoT-scale devices.

Industry Collaboration

Our group collaborates with researchers from a variety of companies and agencies, including:

  • STMicroelectronics
  • AMD

If you’re interested in collaborating on research there are opportunities for industrial PhDs, visiting researchers, and others. Please contact us to discuss details.

Past Projects


The Glasgow Intelligent Computing Lab (gicLAB) was awarded funding to undertaking the AIMDDE (AI-based Manufacturing Defect Detection at the Edge) research challenge, in response to the Open Call for AI Talents of the BonsAPPs Horizon 2020 project. We succesfully met all of the goals of the challenge, was were able to adapt the work into a paper at AccML 2022. Please see our blogpost, and for details.