Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Dr José CanoSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
His research interests are in the broad areas of: Computer Architecture, Computer Systems, Compilers, Interconnection Networks, Machine Learning, and Security. @jcanore

Post-doctoral Researchers

Idris Zakariyya
Works on optimisation and adversarial robustness of AI models, aiming for a co-optimisation strategy balancing security, compression and performance of intelligent edge IoT devices. @idris_zakariyya

PhD Students

Perry Gibson
Topic: “Compiler-centric across-stack deep learning inference acceleration” @PerryGibson_

Jude Haris
Topic: “Designing and Generating Efficient FPGA-Based Accelerators for Deep Neural Networks” @memjude

Nick Louloudakis (co-supervised with Ajitha Rajan at Univeristy of Edinburgh)
Topic: “Testing Perception AI on Hardware Accelerators”

Wenhao Hu
Topic: “Exploring Novel Pruning Techniques for Deep Neural Networks”

Rappy Saha
Topic: “‘Efficient ML model implementation in FPGAs”

MSci Students

Peter Dodd
Topic: “Non-iterative Training of Deep Neural Networks”

Academic Collaborators

Industry Collaborators

Past Lab Members